Franchising to begin at the end of 2022!

Wings for Everyone.

WingStand stands apart from local competitors by being a positive, fresh approach to wings. We encourage everyone to be themselves and find their perfect flavor combination. Everyone gets what they want, the way they want it. We have "wings for everyone."

We wing to a different tune.

In September of 1991, Jefferson’s opened its doors in Jacksonville, AL to curb the cravings of fresh, never frozen chicken wings. Even with only 4 signature sauces on the menu, Jefferson’s was an immediate hit. People loved the chicken wings so much, Jefferson’s would run out of them.

30 years later, the world looks a lot different, but people’s love for chicken wings has stayed the same. In September of 2021, WingStand opened its first location in Mission, KS, serving 18 signature sauces & jumbo wings to a new generation of wing lovers.

WingStand was created with convenience in mind, while never straying from the quality product our system has been serving for decades. With traditional & boneless wings, jumbo tenders, chicken sandwiches & loaded mac ‘n’ cheese all tossed in our variety of signature sauces, there is something for everyone at WingStand.